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I don't claim to have all the answers, but I   believe I know where to look for them. Listen to this when you need it most, Sunday mornings during the scheduled broadcast or any time by Podcast-- to start of your day with inspiration, or to comfort you at night -- anytime when you need a break the most.  You can click on it and listen directly, or for the technologically savvy -- even download it onto a CD or your iPod and listen to it on your way to work.  I am here for you any time that you need to refresh your spirit. Or perhaps when the burden in your day gets to be too much, take a moment and write me.  I'll pray for you. And I ask you to pray for me, too. Most important, remember that everything starts with God first.  Our health, our relationships all flow from Him through faith in His only, begotten Son, Jesus.  I know that I have been called to listen and respond to you about the most important questions of faith.  So I hope to hear from you. And if you want to ask a question but don't want your name to be out there, don't worry. That's not important.  

What is most important is that you and those you love have the answers that you need and deserve. You can help others in this amazing journey by forwarding this web address, to them. I'd like to hear from them, too. 

Please make "A Place of Grace" your radio refuge. 

Here for you because of Him, Donna Lou

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Please understand that as time does not permit all questions to be answered, all will be prayed over.
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